Coputer G.K

1. Saving the process - from memory storage medium to copy the document

2. The directory is called directory inside - all directory

3. C.A.D. Implies - Computer Aided Design

4. Oracle's - Database Software

5. The act of assembler - the assembly language into machine language to change

6. India's first computer virus to appear - the C-Brain

Sport G.K

1. The Curiosity rover built by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as a part of Astrobiology mission successfully landed on the planet–
(A) Mars (B) Saturn
(C) Venus (D) Mercury
Ans: Mars

2. Which of the following is not an endocrine gland?
(A) Pituitary gland (B) Pancreas
(C) Pineal gland (D) None of these
Ans: None of these

3. Which of the following is not correctly matched?
(A) Cyrus Mistry : Tata Group (B) Sheryl Sandberg : Facebook
(C) Larry Page : Google (D) Deepak Parekh : HFCL
Ans: Deepak Parekh : HFCL

4. Which of the following acts as both exocrine and endocrine gland?
(A) Pancreas (B) Spleen
(C) Liver (D) Pituitary gland
Ans: Pancreas

5. Which of the following does not produce hormone?
(A) Heart (B) Kidney
(C) Gastro-intestinal tract (D) None of these
Ans: None of these

Science G.K

1. In ancient times, of curdling 'Biotechnology, was in the process requires the following organism

(A) bacteria (B) virus (C) fungi (D) protozoa

Ans: (A)

2. Which parts of the sunlight which heats the solar cooker?

(A) UV (B) red light (C) infrared (D) space rays

Ans: (C)

3. If there is dust in the eye in which the organ is swollen and turns pink?

(A) corneal (B) choroid Table (Koroid) (C) conjunctiva (Kanjktaiwa) (D) firmly Table (Sclarotik)

Ans: (C)

4. Diet series, solar energy is used by plants-Only

(A) 10 per cent (B) 1 percent (C) 0.1 percent (D) 0.01 percent

Ans: (B)

5. Which one of the following diseases, stem cell therapy for the treatment (SCT) would not use it?

(A) renal failure (B) cancer (C) brain damage (D) vision-reediness

Ans: (B)

World G.K (World -pratiyogita Trivia Quiz For The Exams, Question-answer)

1. Which of the following countries for the entire oil-free economy by 2020 is ambitious target?

(A) Canada (B) United States (C) Sweden (D) Australia

Ans: (C)

2. Jenerels Cortes, is Parliament to which one of the following countries?

(A) Norway (B) Spain (C) Sweden (D) Denmark

Ans: (B)

3. The world's leading producer of cellular phone company Nokia is at the core of which one of the following countries?

(A) Japan (B) Sweden (C) United States (D) Finland

Ans: (D)

4. Which of the following countries is not a member of the Nordic Council?

(A) Norway (B), Denmark (C) Iceland (D) United Kingdom

Ans: (D)

5. Where is located the famous Petronas Towers Tivan?

(A) China (B) Japan (C) Malaysia (D) Indonesia

Ans: (C)

General G.k.

1. Nungshi Tashi and the world's first twin sisters climb Mount Everest. The two sisters are of which country? 

Ans.:North India

2. Corruption Perception Index Tronsperensi International -2014 India's ranking is what? 

Answer: 85th

3. To check black money constituted a Special Investigation Team (SIT) Who is the Chairman?

 Answer: MB Shah

4. Selected as Miss World -2014 'Rolen Strauss Which country are you? 

Amswer: South Africa Frika

(5. India's largest solar power project of 130 MW has been started in which state? 

Answer: MP